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May 24th
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Home Columns Ask A Contractor - Roy Hutton Roy Hutton: Socks Are For Pansies

Roy Hutton: Socks Are For Pansies

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Axle greaseRoy,

When I wear my work boots without socks I get blisters? Suggestions?

- Thomas Partridge




I got three little words for you: brake caliper grease. Before you put those boots on in the morning, just dip your hand in the can, scoop it out, and coat those sore feet of yours in pure delight. No more tender skin on hard leather for you, my friend. Brake grease keeps the friction away while regenerating the soft supple feet you were born with (it’s the viscosity). And it smells great too—just like my Grandpa’s machine shed on the farm. If you love the whiff of a grease gun as much as I do, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

And for those who say “Why not use Vaseline or A&D anointment?”

Right. And why don’t you go and read The Help and listen to Celine Dion while you’re at it.

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