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Apr 18th
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Home Columns Ask A Contractor - Roy Hutton Roy Hutton: Stop Tool Prejudice

Roy Hutton: Stop Tool Prejudice

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Makita ToolsRoy,
Dennis Roberts uses Makita tools. He's a communist, right?
-Scott Eubanks

Well Scott, if Dennis is a Red, than so is yours truly. The first cordless drill I ever owned was a Makita that still occupies a space on my workbench (I haven’t been able to find batteries for it in over ten years, but I sometimes have difficulty parting with beloved tools). Look, instead of worrying about which tools another man uses, worry about getting the right tool for the job and doing great work for your customers.  Attitudes like yours can be dangerous. It wasn’t that long ago when men found their wagons and shops burned to the ground over tool prejudice. Google the Beaumont Tool Wars of 1894-96 if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  My brother Cody lost the tip of his finger in a router incident once. It wasn’t related to tool prejudice and he had been drinking (and taking some OxyContin) but just imagine if it had been because someone didn’t like the tools he was using? Too scary to imagine. So you see Scott, tool prejudice is a deeply personal issue to me and that’s why I founded STOOLPRED (Stop Tool Prejudice). It’s a for-profit charity that focuses on educating contractors and non-contractors alike about the dangers of tool prejudice:


Donate here:
Roy Hutton
PO BOX 4556
La Cucaracha, TX


“Judge not a man by the tool with which he labors.” - Mark Wahlberg

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