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May 25th
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Roy Hutton: There's Math Involved

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StepsHi Roy,
I'm looking to make/pour some concrete steps for our house. Just three small steps. It looks easy enough, but do you have any tips for me? What do I need to do the job correctly?
-Randy Dickerson

Your question reminds me of that old saying, “Watch your step!” And I say that because you really need to watch what you’re doing when constructing steps, because the process involves many complicated “steps.” Sure, it looks easy to you Randy, but that could be because you’re a bit cocky, maybe a little arrogant, or perhaps quick to look down upon skilled tradesmen who work with their hands. Well, f**k you Randy Dickinson, and thanks for your question!

Just kidding, partner.

It actually looks easy to you because you don’t have the faintest idea of what you’re doing.  I suggest you hire an experienced contractor like me before you screw this up big time and get yourself, or someone you love, killed. Randy, 90% of all fatal accidents occur in the home and 78% percent involve stairs. Of that 78%, it’s reasonable to conclude that 85% of those were on poorly constructed (amateur-built) stairs. If that don’t keep you awake at night, I don’t know what will. Call Hutton 4 Your Home and sleep easy.

Thanks for the question!


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