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Apr 28th
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Home Community Sheriff's Report Sheriff Confirms Drinking and Driving on Gravel County Roads Really Doesn’t Count

Sheriff Confirms Drinking and Driving on Gravel County Roads Really Doesn’t Count

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An interesting discussion ensued Saturday at the Machacek’s Weekend and Minor Holidays Defensive Driving School six-hour session at the old Western Auto location. Frank Machacek invited Sheriff Welch as a guest speaker. Machacek said, “I figured if we’re going to be held hostage here for six hours, why not have a Q&A with the Sheriff to answer some real world questions about driving, instead of all of this state mandated crap?”

The first question from Chevy Sterling asked “if it is really okay to drive drunk on gravel back roads as long as you don’t hit anybody?” At first, Sheriff Welch attempted to dodge the question, but finally agreed to answer, “off the record.” Please note, at TCR, we have a policy of printing rumors, hearsay, and consider everything “on the record, regardless of what we tell you.”

Sheriff Welch explained that his department evaluates situations on a case by case basis, but in general, they avoid driving their squad cars on gravel roads, if possible. “It’s hell on the suspension, not to mention the paint chips,” he said. “Now, if you’re drunk and drive through a fence, you better be prepared to mend it better than it was to start with. If you hit someone’s livestock, it better not be a show animal or pet, either. We’d haul you in for that. And, please don’t pass out in the middle of the road – no one can get by you in either direction.”

High school student, Tiffany O’Keefe, asked a hypothetical question about pasture parties and underage drinking. “It seems like the cops don’t mess with you if the party is out in someone’s pasture, but what about all those drunk kids driving back into town? Wouldn’t they get busted?”

Sheriff Welch complimented Tiffany for “asking an excellent question.” He said that what people do in their own pasture is their own business. “Once those kids tread back onto pavement, they’re fair game. And once they hit the city limits, LCPD will be waiting.” Welch also pointed out that a trail of headlights coming or going out on County Road 102 was impossible to miss, so “it’s best if you kids just sleep it off in the back of a truck before returning to town.”

As a final question, Harvey Meier asked the Sheriff about the defensive driving video, “Buckle up, or Hit a Buck,” that was viewed earlier. “Is it true that there’s a law about wearing seat belts? I don’t even think my work truck has seat belts. Ya’ll aren’t going to start giving out tickets and restricting our personal freedom of movement are you?”

The Sheriff smiled and said, “Of course not Harvey. That’s about as crazy as that earlier video telling you to honk your horn to signal slower drivers to move over. We all know that kind of behavior would get you shot around here. Just remember to buckle up when attending any out of town games though, since that Armadillos Football sticker on your back windshield isn’t going to win friends on the road.”

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