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May 22nd
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Home Sports Hunting & Fishing Report Bully Rabbits Killed by Snake with Baby Rattle Tail

Bully Rabbits Killed by Snake with Baby Rattle Tail

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National headlines have shined the spotlight on bullying in recent months in an effort to curb the hurtful practices. A recent incident on the Flying W Ranch ended tragically, but this time, it was the bullies who paid the price.

Ranch Foreman, Harry Foreman said he had been aware of the bullying for quite some time. “Yeah, everyone knows about that group of obnoxious rabbits who are always making fun of helpless creatures, but I guess no one ever wanted to get involved. By the time I’d get my rifle out of my truck, they’d be gone, leaving the bruised egos of their victims behind.”

Foreman said one of his ranch hands rode up on his horse out of breath alerting him to the fact that the “Bully Bunnies are back!” On the south side of the ranch, Foreman farms rattlesnakes in order to extract the venom to sell to anti-venom pharmaceutical companies. “It keeps my reflexes sharp,” Foreman said. “The day I get bit is the day I retire.”

Foreman explained that one of the snakes had been born without a rattle, “so I felt kinda sorry for the little feller.” He said he has a soft place in his heart for the handicapped, so he found an old baby rattle in the attic and duck taped it to the tail of the snake. “Immediately, you could tell it helped him feel more like one of the gang. I could really tell ‘Forest’ was gaining a lot of self confidence after that. We nicknamed him Forest after that inspirational movie character.”

When the ranch hand alerted Foreman the bunnies were back, he said he had a pretty good idea what they were up to this time around. “Sure enough, when I got out of my truck, these bunnies were laughing their heads off at that poor disabled rattler. Those bunnies may be quick, but they aren’t too bright. You see, a rattler’s bite has nothing to do with its rattle. Before I could blink, that snake had killed every one of those obnoxious bullies. I could tell Forest was really proud of himself, too. You see, when he returned to the snake pit,  he wasn’t the snake that showed up with the baby rattle on his tale for once. He was the guy who brought breakfast, and everyone loves that guy.”

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