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Apr 27th
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Home Church Local Issues ‘Have You Found Jesus?’ Question Baffles Local Resident

‘Have You Found Jesus?’ Question Baffles Local Resident

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ChurchBrian McKeever was doing a bit of antique shopping last Thursday when he was approached by Jim Devaney, minister of the 3rd LaCucaracha Church of Christ.  Devaney had one simple question for Mr. McKeever, “Have you found Jesus?”

The good preacher was not prepared for the conversation that took place after his query, though.  The inquiry brought about concern and confusion, rather than the intended discussion about spirituality and evangelism.  This was apparent almost immediately, when McKeever asked Devaney, “Is he missing?  When did you last see him?” and then began frantically searching the New Church Street sidewalk.

“No, no.  Have you found Jesus in your life, son?” countered Devaney as he calmly reassured McKeever that no one was physically missing.  “Well,” said McKeever, “no, but then again, I wasn’t really looking.”

“Perhaps that is the problem.  You need to find Jesus in your life,” replied Devaney.  “Okay,” responded McKeever, “but why is he hiding?”  Devaney explained that Jesus wasn’t actually hiding, but that Mr. McKeever must seek him out though.  “You need to bring him into your life,” said Devaney.

“Why can’t he just come to me?” McKeever shot back.  Devaney smiled, and calmly told McKeever, “Well, in a way, he is coming to you.  Through me.”

“Wait a second,” said McKeever, “you talked to Jesus about me?  Or, hold on, he’s speaking through you?  So, I’m talking to Jesus right now?”

“Um,” replied Devaney, “in a manner of speaking, yes.”  At this point, McKeever gave the reverend an ‘I’m on to you’ look.  He smiled knowingly, “No, you’re not Jesus.  You don’t look anything like him.”

A little exasperated, Devaney said, “Of course I’m not actually Jesus.  But I am here to spread his word and his message.  It is through me, through my congregation at the 3rd LaCucaracha Church of Christ, that Jesus speaks and spreads his word.”

McKeever rubbed his eyes and shook his head.  Confusion wreaked havoc with his face.  “So,” asked McKeever, “Jesus talked to you and your church?  He told you specifically to talk to me?”

A now clearly frustrated Devaney took a deep breath and took one more shot.  “No, no, you’re taking everything I say literally.”  “Am I?” countered McKeever.

At this point, Devaney appeared quite maddened by the conversation.  He sighed heavily and, under his breath, asked rhetorically, “What would Jesus do?”  McKeever, still genuinely trying to help Devaney with his quest, answered.  “Well, like I said earlier, I haven’t met the man, so I don’t really know what he would do.  But listen, if you’ve got his number I’d be happy to ask for you.”  McKeever then whipped his iPhone out and told Devaney, “Seriously.  Give me his number and I’ll text him.”

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