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May 23rd
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Home Texas State News Jimmy Buffet Serenades Concert Goers With Criticism Of Corporate Risk Management While Warren Buffet Heads To Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffet Serenades Concert Goers With Criticism Of Corporate Risk Management While Warren Buffet Heads To Margaritaville

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Jimmy BuffetHouston, TX

In what many observers are calling an incident that could only be described as “Freaky Friday,” Warren and Jimmy Buffet apparently switched places last Friday – much to the chagrin of concert goers and those looking for advice on personal finances and investments.

The switch apparently took place before Jimmy Buffet was to play a sold out concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas.  Buffet (Jimmy) came on stage wearing a suit and tie and instead of launching into one of his hit songs such as “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” he instead began to criticize corporate CEO’s by saying,  "In my view a board of directors of a huge financial institution is derelict if it does not insist that its CEO bear full responsibility for risk control.  If he’s incapable of handling that job, he should look for other employment. And if he fails at it — with the government thereupon required to step in with funds or guarantees — the financial consequences for him and his board should be severe.”  Quotes like this filled the rest of the two-plus hour show.

Meanwhile, in Omaha, Nebraska, Warren Buffet showed up at the annual shareholder meeting for Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. wearing a t-shirt, Hawaiian board shorts and a pair of thongs.  He also brought an acoustic guitar with him, and instead of giving an overview of Berkshire Hathaway or offering advice to shareholders, Buffet (Warren) simply played the 1977 radio hit, “Margaritaville.”

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