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May 28th
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Home Texas State News Palin Backs Out Of Tea Party Over Appearance Fee Flap

Palin Backs Out Of Tea Party Over Appearance Fee Flap

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San Antonio, TX

When Sarah Palin rsvp’d in the affirmative to five year old Katie Hinson’s tea party, Katie thought it was Christmas morning and her birthday all wrapped into one.  “Well,” said Katie’s mother, Corrine, “Katie happened to be with us when we were watching the news one evening.  Anyway, the story about Sarah Palin accepting an invite to speak at the Tea Party convention caught her attention.  She was planning to have a few friends over for a tea party and asked if she could invite Mrs. Palin.  I told her to go ahead.  I figured, it couldn’t hurt.  I had no idea she’d actually accept the invite.”

Not only did Palin accept the invite, she showed up at the Hinson residence in San Antonio with requisite promptness and attire.  Palin and her handlers were initially confused at the size and locale of the venue, but convinced themselves this was in line with the new Tea Party movement’s intended goal of being anti-beltway and anti-status quo politics. 

Palin was greeted by Corrine in the Hinson foyer and then led upstairs to the tea party.  Palin could not hide her shock when she entered Katie’s room, and saw three pre-K girls, several stuffed animals and Katie’s beloved blanket, “Binky,” sitting at a miniature dining set, all formally dressed.  When Palin entered the room, Katie exclaimed, “Our last guest has arrived.  Let’s pour the tea.”  Katie then began to pour imaginary tea from a tiny, plastic, Victorian era replica tea kettle into matching tiny tea cups.

Palin’s team immediately pulled Mrs. Hinson aside to discuss the apparent miscommunication while Palin took a seat in a tiny settee and drank air provided by Katie.  It was explained to Mrs. Hinson that in order for Mrs. Palin to stay at the party, they would need her $100,000 appearance fee paid in full.  Mrs. Hinson said she could not, and would not, be able to pay the fee and asked that Palin please excuse herself from the party.

Katie's mother was incredulous at the “miscommunication” explanation given to her by Palin’s staff, saying, "I'm not sure how they misunderstood.  The invitation was written by Katie herself.  In crayon."

When one of Palin’s assistants informed her of the mix up, Palin and Katie were involved in a discussion concerning the treatment of the “underwear bomber.”  Katie was overheard to tell Palin, “but the ‘shoe bomber’ was read his Miranda rights too and he also had a regular criminal trial.  Why is it okay for Bush to do that but not Obama?”  Palin was then seen searching the palms her hands before abruptly thanking Katie for the tea and leaving.

Thomas Guergin, the Hinson’s lawn care professional, witnessed Palin telling her entourage on the way to her limousine that they needed “to get me away from those little Katie Couric’s in there.”


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