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Apr 27th
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Home Sports Armadillos Football End To Worst Drought Since 1693 Postpones Pee-Wee Football Game

End To Worst Drought Since 1693 Postpones Pee-Wee Football Game

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Armadillo Pee-Wee FootballThursday’s deluge brought much needed relief for LaCucaracha’s water woes, but it also postponed the first game of the pee-wee football season.  The 8-9 year olds were slated to play at Jackie Sherrill Stadium at 7 p.m., but the severe thunder, lightning and flooding made playing impossible. 

“I can’t believe they canceled the game,” said proud parent Michael Potter.  “I mean, I’ve been preparing him for this day his entire life.  The two-a-days starting at 5 a.m. when he was four, making him sleep with a football, getting Coach Bryant to keep us updated on the high school playbook – I’m just so disappointed.”

Other parents expressed similar dismay.  Most just couldn’t believe that something like the weather could cause the cancellation of a game.  A call to the athletics department at LISD cleared the circumstances up though.   Said Carol Drake, Coach Bryant’s personal assistant, “We didn’t postpone the game because of weather.  No football game will ever be canceled because of weather.  We don’t cancel football games in LaCucaracha.  We’d play during the apocalypse, if necessary.  No, the game was postponed because the field may have been damaged by the little ones.  With the varsity Armadillos playing Friday night, we had to make a decision.  We’re sorry the little guys will have to wait an extra week to get their season under way, but nothing comes before the varsity Armadillos.”

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