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May 25th
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Home Local LaCucaracha News Unexplained Mystery: Tornado Blazes through LaCucaracha Countryside – Trailer Park Unscathed

Unexplained Mystery: Tornado Blazes through LaCucaracha Countryside – Trailer Park Unscathed

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Tornado Mysteriously Misses Trailer ParkThe LaCucaracha Fire Department has called in meteorological experts from Texas A&M University to investigate how a F5 tornado passed through LaCucaracha, completely missing the Royal Estates Trailer Park and Campground.

Long-term Royal Estates resident Roy Mathers just shook his head staring at his double-wide. “I can’t explain it. We don’t get a lot of twisters around here, but every one that has passed within 10 miles of town over the past 30 years has hit this trailer park. I strategically have my trailer parked closest to the cement bathrooms and showers. Whenever I hear a twister, I run and hide in those showers. It’s like a bomb shelter. 24 hours later, my insurance agent hands me a check for a new trailer and furnishings. It’s like having a second Christmas every few years. Unfortunately, my 3rd wife was a deep sleeper – God rest her soul.”

9th Assembly of God Preacher Mike Rollings said there was one thing for certain, “this is a sign from above! I just haven’t decided what it means, yet. You’ll have to come to services Sunday to find out.” 


Most locals agreed the tornado missed Royal Estates because Max Startom’s replacement quarterback, Bobby Atlas, was visiting a residence in the park the moment the twister passed over. Atlas was evasive about what he was doing at Royal Estates, or whom he was visiting. Head Football Coach Bryant told TCR staff, “The good Lord took Max from us for reasons we’ll never understand, but to take our backup QB a month later, well, that just wouldn’t be right. I think it’s clear this is a sign Atlas is going to take us all the way to state.”

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